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150th Anniversary Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago

Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago 150th Anniversary

About the Swiss American Business Council Innovation Initiative

In 2018, the Swiss American Business Council launched the Swiss Innovation Initiative (see past winners at SABC). The Initiative promotes Swiss innovation in the U.S. Midwest through events, networking and information exchange, as well as the annual Swiss Innovation Award. 

About The SABC

The SABC creates and promotes an active Swiss American business community in Chicago and the U.S. Midwest through numerous events, information exchange and networking, throughout the year as well as special services.

SABC Innovation Highlights 2021 

For the past 4 years the SABC has presented the Swiss Innovation Award to a small or medium sized business for demonstrated innovation in their respective industry.  

It is our great pleasure to highlight some of these great Swiss innovations from 2021. We recognize Swiss-affiliated manufacturers and service providers in the U.S. Midwest that have made special efforts with products or services that meet an unmet need and provide direct benefits to society and the U.S. Midwest.


As the World Economic Forum recognized Switzerland is a leader in innovation! During these trying times, with typical Swiss flexibility, ingenuity, courage and drive, Swiss companies have taken on the challenges of today around the world and in the U.S. 

Switzerland is a land of innovation! 💡 Follow HOUSE OF SWITZERLAND to explore Switzerland as a hub for research, robotics, and artificial intelligence. 🤖

Enjoy the videos from our partners, The Swiss Business Hub (Link: and Swisstech, highlighting innovations in Switzerland.

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PolyCool 1000

For the first time, the patented PolyCool 1000 allows a throughput of more than 1000 kg per hour. Its individual cooling circuits can be controlled independently. This high-throughput cooling die can withstand pressure of up to 50 bar and cools the extrudate down from around 150 ºC to below boiling point. The PolyCool 1000 cooling die has an electro-polished surface and meets all hygienic design standards.

Buhler Group


The EROWA success story is primarily driven by the ideas behind the products. With EROWA’s intelligently networked processes, the “FMC concept”, you become part of Industry 4.0.




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MC-380-X-2, Satisloh’s new generation lens coating machine, presents the fastest box coater for AR (anti-reflective) and/or mirror lens coatings of mid-volume labs.




The new Strausak ONE is the first fully modular CNC Tool Grinder. An extremely compact machine (less than 3m²) with oversize travels (fluting length of 425mm), the ONE is perfectly adapted for the “job shop” tool grinding market. Every option available is field retrofittable, meaning that a customer can begin with a low initial investment in the basic machine and over time upgrade to a fully automated, high power machine for lights out production. In the job shop world, customers tend to worry less about cycle time per part and more about the setup time between different part numbers. Strausak has developed the ONE with this in mind – utilizing Numroto software for easy conversational programming, quick change workholding options, an ergonomic & accessible work area, and standard tool & wheel measurement probes. The ONE continues the Strausak tradition of providing Adaptive Grinding Solutions.



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Mundelein, IL, September 2021. Rollomatic, a leading machine tool manufacturer based in Le Landeron, Switzerland, maintains
its global leadership position in the field of multi‐axis CNC grinding by launching a brand‐new hybrid model for combination
grinding of tool geometries as well as peel grinding for neck, plunge and other blank prep operations.

Rollomatic Hybrid Peel and Tool Grinding Machine utilizing the “ultra-lean grinding process”




The industry places the highest demands on the flexibility of automated wire assembly, requiring that it be possible to process many different cables and terminals without changeovers, just-in-time, for batches of any size. Komax developed the highly flexible Zeta 640 and Zeta 650 for this reason. They allow automated processes and batch or sequential production without the need for changeovers, cutting the manufacturing time by up to 50 percent. EtherCAT improves the overall system performance and significantly increases output. With continuous data flow, the new Zeta machines are ready for their efficient future.

Smart Cabinet Building

Komax Group


Swiss Mentions

BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc.

Launched the ACCU STAND with partner mp-tec AG


mp tec

Company: LEM U.S.A., Inc.

Current Transducer CDSR 0.07-NP


Company: ABB Inc.

Renewable fashion articles. 


Company: Geberit North America

Type 50 Hands free urinal

Geberit North America

Company: NUM Corporation

Highly intuitive drawing software simplifies 2D path design for users of CNC cutting machines

NUM Corporation

Company: Sonceboz Corporation

Compact and Robust Actuator with Brushless DC Motor

Sonceboz Corporation

Company: Von Roll USA, Inc.

800 V Charching for EVs

Von Roll USA, Inc

Company: LafargeHolcim Corporate

First Plant in the Nation to Fully Convert to Low-Carbon Portland Limestone Cement

LafargeHolcim Corporate

Company: Bystronic Inc.

BySmart Fiber laser cutting machine

Bystronic Inc.



Rollomatic, Inc.

As part of the SABC Innovation Initiative, the SABC announces the winner and finalists of the 2019 SABC Innovation Award. On Dec. 4th, 2019, the award was presented for the second time. The award is in recognition of a new product, service or process that created a breakthrough and a meaningful impact in the market or society, has strengthened the Swiss American business relationship and has been launched within the last 3 years. This year’s winner is Rollomatic, Inc, for its NEXTAGE HUMANOID, COLLABORATIVE INDUSTRIAL ROBOT.



BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc.

The SABC awarded the first Innovation Award to BIG KAISER Precision Tooling Inc. at our annual Christmas Dinner in December 2018. For its EWE finish boring heads. BIG KAISER’s next step in the digital tooling evolution is EWE finish boring heads, which not only have a digital display to show incremental movement of the cutting edge, but also use Bluetooth® Technology to pair with the BIG KAISER App (available in both iOS and Android versions).

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